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Welcome to the eClinical Network

This site provides free resources and tools that partners in healthcare, industry, academia and government can use to support their clinical research.  Some information is provided prior to logging in, however to gain access to the eSRA (eSource-Readiness Assessment) tool, one must be logged into an approved account.

!! Please Read:

1. Register for a free account in order to gain access to the eSRA nresources and tools (see create account button in upper right corner of this screen). The registration form will ask you for your name, the official name of your organization, the email address you use when working with this organization, and the type of organization (eg investigator site, sponsor, etc.). It is important that all of these are entered correctly or your account acceptance will be delayed.

2. You will immediately receive an auto-generated email with a temporary password. This is not account acceptance. You must wait for a 2nd email stating your account has been accepted. Account acceptance is a manual process in which your information is manually checked and may take up to 48 hours. This step is needed to follow safe data privacy practices. If the information is complete, you will receive an acceptance email stating your account has been accepted. If incomplete, you will receive an email asking for additional information. If you have not received a 2nd email within 48 hours, please check your SPAM folder and if not found, please send an email to

3. Once you have received an email stating your account has been accepted, you can login and will see additional tabs. The "eSRA Evaluations" tab will have a task arrow in which you can click on tasks appropriate to your organization type. If you are an Investigator Site or a Software Vendor you will be able to complete an eSRA Evaluation. If your organization is a different category, you will be provided with information about eSRA. For additional information, you will see a "Resources" tab that includes all background information on eSRA, including regulatory resources and a downloadable handbook. Please note: if you did not receive an acceptance email, you can still login but you will not see these additional tabs.

Become a part of the eClinical Network community and together we can improve the use of technology in Clinical Research.

Please help us to understand where site technology and processes can be improved by taking a brief anonymous survey.

Please participate in this Investigator Site Survey to improve the use of technology in clinical research, particularly by increase awareness of clinical research sites current and future needs and issues regarding technology systems and processes used in clinical research. The survey is being conducted by the eClinical Forum, a non-profit, non-commercial consortium of Bio-pharma, CRO and software vendors.

To access the online survey please CLICK HERE or go direct:

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. You will not be contacted about your responses and the data will be kept anonymously.

Results will be compared to similar information collected in 2001 and 2009 and will be available for download from the eClinical Forum website ( in January 2017.

Responses will be handled confidentially and only summary information will ever be printed. The intention is to publish the results as presentations at industry symposia and as an article in 2017.

For further Information, please contact:



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