Training Webinar

This 8 ┬Ż minute webinar explains the process used for evaluating electronic health record systems that will provide source data for clinical trials. It reviews the roles of the Health Record System Developer/Vendor, the Clinical Research Site Staff, the Clinical Trial Sponsor/Clinical Research Organization, and the Federal Regulator.

This website is designed to be easy-to-use and it should not be necessary to view this training webinar in order to succeed in producing an eSRA report, however the webinar is a quick way to get an entire overview of eSRA if that is desired. Once registered and approved for an account, Investigator Sites and Software Vendors can quickly get to the eSRA evaluation template and begin assessing their systems, by logging in and clicking on the "eSRA Evaluation" tab at the top/middle of this screen. Other organization types (eg Sponsor, CRO, Regulator, Other) cannot complete an eSRA evaluation however will be able to review a sample template from the eSRA Resources tab. It is not possible to see the eSRA evaluation checklist without being logged in.

To view this webinar in full-screen mode, click on "View in YouTube" on the bottom right corner of the video at any time.

This webinar is also available as a pdf file and can be downloaded here.


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